Reggie Green

DC | LA Photographer

I received my first camera during the summer of my freshman year at Bowie State University, a hand-me-down Canon EOS Rebel with a mediocre lens. While studying business I began to dream about a career in photography and how that life would be great. I spent four years enrolling and dropping out business schools with a fear of starting over and breaking into a non-traditional and risky industry. I also spent four years building a career in Bank Management that would lead to a promising future, fancy title and the comfort of working for a major company.

All of these things never seemed nearly fulfilling as the look on my subject's face after a portrait section or a crowd of people laughing in amusement over images from their birthday party.

After experiencing what most would consider a major set back. [I lost my job!] I launched myself into the murky and joyous waters of the art industry as a professional photographer.

My clients include the people I love the most in this world, my family, friends and my church. [I know,not much of a client list.] I spent majority of 2011&12 shooting for near pennies to gain experience and expand my portfolio. Today I am fully capable and cocky enough to photograph the most swanky clients. I currently live in the Suburbs of Washington DC and am available for commission worldwide.

P.S. As I right this bio my niece Gabby insists that she was one of my first subjects…She RIGHT!



[BTW... this is the only time I could post a photo of myself. I got a little carried away.]