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Meet Jared Green, my cousin and long time friend. I have watched Jared work extremely hard over the course of our lives. From basketball as kids to music and football during our teens and now truly serving Christ and living one of his many dreams. He currently works for the National Football League. There are a few clues in the photos that should give you a clue about which team, they will let you figure it out. 

This session truly embodies my favorite forms of photography: editorials and portraits.

We shot these on location at the home of Jared's parents, where we both were living at the time. I am still on fence on wether I enjoy shooting on location or in the studio so this was a mix of both. I borrowed the seamless black paper and stands from my cousin Lindsay, another amazing photographer in the  DMV. Side note if you follow my blog long enough you will surely meet my ENTIRE family and all of their amazing talents. My friend and fellow photographer Gary "Master" Williams was on set to learn a little bit on studio lighting. That was the day was bit my the full-frame bug. Gary owns a Canon 5D ll and a the time I only had my T1i.  As you can see by the results which camera we used, well some of you. 

Anyways, I enjoyed shooting Jared and working with everyone on set that day.  

Here are the results.....


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