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My plan for this week was to relax while catching up on a few back end items: minor changes to the site, rewrite my weak about page, update my business plan, and buy a ticket to Austin.

I got a last minute opportunity to shoot an online catalog for Posh Couture's Warehouse Sale and that plan was down the drain. We had about 85 looks to shoot, and many needed to display both the front and back, which puts us at around 100 final images. This would normally not be an issue but the sale is THIS THURSDAY! I typically produce final images within a minimum of 1 week, as I am a one man show and I like to procrastinate. This deadline was going to whoop my butt and it did. If shooting for 10 hrs wasn't enough fun, I got to spend the next 24 hrs editing. No I am not complaining, just taking note of all the HARD WORK it takes to be a photographer. I was able to make adjustments to my workflow in order to organize the images that needed to be delivered. As you can see in the screen shots below, the images are labeled by color. I even hand wrote each look on a notebook in order to check off each look as it was complete.

BTW, the lovely model you see making the clothes look great is actually Posh Couture's Marketing Manager, Mary Lillis (@FabuL0uS_Me). She can do anything!

Check out some of the final images via screenshots of Posh Couture and Lightroom. I also included a light diagram to display my favorite lighting setup. Yep, that's one light down there!

Reggie Green_Screen Shot1.png
Reggie Green_Screen Shot2.png

I love simple light setups. One light and one of my favorite modifiers always does the trick.


Here are a few of me on set aka the basement.

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reggie green_photo4.PNG