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This blog as been in my draft box for two years. Since Sept 25, 2015, to be exact. I'm just going to post is now because just like two years ago there wasn't a good reason it failed to get posted.  

Localeur is an app that delivers travel recommendations from locals, founded by Joah Spearman.

I try to stay away from "event" photography but somehow I get roped back in. This event was fun filled with many of my friends and hosted at DCs Bline Whino.

Ok, I'm done typing...


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Today's lesson... Keep Dreaming. No... Dream BIGGER. That was all I could think as I rode a big bus to an even bigger city to live my dreams.

I'm sure Carrie Underwood learned that same lesson many years ago. Today she previewed, a fitness lifestyle apparel line with Dick's Sporting Goods at Home Studios in New York.

Although today was a huge success, my biggest accomplishment has nothing to do with photography. The win came by the simple success of not losing anything after a 17hr day spread across thousands of miles and two Uber cars. Anyone who knows me understands how huge that is.