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at the end of 2013 i lost my camera in a river... it's a long story for another time. without owning a camera for six months i lost the ability to just shoot whenever i wanted. i would have to plan shoots far in advance and rent the gear i thought would best fit the job and my budget. recently i was finally able to purchase a new camera. 

now, i generally always have my camera nearby and shoot randomly at will. while crashing on a good friends couch last week i met Winifred. she's a student at JMU in good ole VA, originally from Ghana. Winifred loves singing and dabbles in photography. she begged my to take her picture and this is what happen...

Chet Hammer

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I almost forgot to share this with you all.... 

I shoot a promo for The Man Conference at my church, Grace Covenant

Meet Chat Hammer and listen to his Breaking News. This was probably the most fun I have had on a set. AJ Mcgraw (@quickdraw33) created "Chet Hammer" and wrote the script. I got to help edit some of the lines, this was great.

I had another extremely short deadline. One day to shoot, edit, and submit. Luckily  we were aiming for a spot around 1:30 and about to meet it. Unfortunately the promo never aired. I guess its appart of the business.