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2012 is here... that is all I am  going to say, (I just felt this post going somewhere it shouldn't). Anyways I am looking to ramp things up this year. I'm thinking more personality and defiantly more PHOTOS. Now for the goods.. Well at least I feel they're good. After a snowy VA sat I managed to fuflilly my weekly goal of taking pics. I call myself a "professional" but really the only recurring models/clients I have are family (that's ok though... I keep telling myself). One day, some glorious day my phone will  ring!!

Well meet Ryan, my little bro!  He's 13, his "natural high" is basketball and he plays the saxophone. Until I get more models/clients, you may see him here often. That is all...

By the way, check out my watermark and tell me what you think. After years of R&D this is what I came up with and will be using for the time being.

Deuces, Cheers, Adios,